Monday, May 16, 2011

Week of May 16-22 movement

Week of May 9-15
May 9) elliptical-35 minutes/weights
May 10) Flow Yoga-90 minutes
May 11) gardening (only 10 minutes but I made up for it!)
May 12) bike plus weights (this day I made up for the lack of gardening and did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of circuit training.
May 13) 250 situps (125AM/125PM) TOO EXHAUSTED!!
May 14) elliptical plus weights today I did 30 minutes of circuit training plus 15 minutes on the bike.
May 15) walk around the neighborhood (Spent most of my day at a wedding and then was just too tired to do anything else. I am listening to my body.)

Took off 3 lbs last week so I have BUSTED through my plateau. Here's to keeping it up this week. I'm also surprised that I was pissed that I couldn't work out on Wednesday. I'm suddenly turned into the woman that is obsessed with moving.

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Week of May 16-22

May 16) 75 minutes of yoga
May 17) 30 minutes elliptical + 30 minutes circuit training
May 18) 40 minutes elliptical
May 19) Rest
May 20) Crunches (150AM/150PM)
May 21) 30 minutes elliptical + 30 minutes circuit training
May 22) free day-whatever I feel like doing