Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May challenge

4. Do something that makes you feel strong. (May 9)
5. Do something that makes you feel free. (May 16)
6. Do something that makes you smell really bad. (may 8)
7. Do something that makes you think hard about your goals. (May 13)
8. Do more than you think you can handle. (may 7)
9. Do something to release excess tension/stress/anger. (May 10)
10. Do something you can brag about later. (May 18)
11. Do something right for all the wrong reasons. (May 15)
12. Workout at a different time than usual.
13. Do something that makes you feel like a gladiator. (May 17)
14. Work on your core.(May 6)
15. Surprise yourself. (May 19)
16. REST (May 11)
17. Break a personal record. (May 14)
18. Workout first thing in the morning.
19. Add 15 minutes. (May 5)
20. Workout your lower body. (May 4)
21. Do something that makes you feel sexy or beautiful.
22. GO HARD OR GO HOME. (May 12)
23. REST (May 20)
24. Break a personal record. (May 21)
25. STRETCH longer than normal.
26. Mid-Week super killer cardio day!
27. Practice your balance.
28. Pushups.
29. Obliterate your brick wall.
30. Enjoy the holiday.
31. Make a JUNE plan.

I pulled this list from a blog I really like. You know I love a good list and I really like that it is open ended. I'm not going to do it day by day but by what calls out to me that day. I also need to print this and put it somewhere I can see it every day.