Sunday, March 30, 2008


Day 5 of this dreadful illness and we finally know what it is. Roseola! FUN FUN FUN! I don't wish this on anyone. We're at the rash phase now which is actually quite painful. Couple that with antibiotics and as every mother knows, when your kids are on antibiotics they have diarrhea. He screams every single time I change his diaper which was about twice for every hour he was awake yesterday. The antibiotics are for the ear infection that he's gotten. We went almost 2 years without one which I totally believe is b/c we don't give him cow's milk.
He's curled up on his daddy right now and will not leave his side since he got home. I really feel bad for how miserable he is.
By the the post where I listed what made me happy I should have said 80 degree weather. What's up with it being 47 today? Is there a dance I can do to bring on Spring?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Drumming-I swear that he really does play this drum and doesn't just wear it as a Darth Vader mask.

Say Cheese-For some odd reason when I hold up the camera lately he says "CHEESE" and this is the face I get.

Funny face-This is Monkeyface's funny face. Everytime I say "funny face" this is what I get. He hasn't quite learned to stick out his tounge and use only 2 fingers instead of all of them.

I love this big silly grin

Beamer Bliss-My first time in Karla's car, new haircut, and just mere hours before the attack of the seafood food poisoning.

Happiness is...

Since I've been dealing with a sick family all week I've decided that I need to remind myself what has made me happy during this time.

**Having Monkeyface call out for me just so I can rub his back while he tries to sleep

** I have literally enjoyed cleaning off the kitchen counter b/c this smells so yummy.

**Working from home so all the laundry is done

**Homemade baked ziti that was immediatley devoured

**Finally finding a product that makes my hair curl the way I want it to.

**Medjool dates

**Knowing that I'll be baking cherry banana bread tomorrow

**Monkeyface being completely enthralled with my dad.

**Easter Egg Hunts

**Listening to Hey Willpower

**Telling a gruff, angry Italian man that his hotel guests think he is a gruff, angry Italian and then proceeding to mock said gruff, angry Italian man

**Being picked up for lunch today in a convertible with the top down and subsequently being called Thelma and Louise

**Sitting outside in the evening while I play around on the internet

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

So now the hubby is out. Asleep by 8:30 tonight after complaining about a sore throat and fatigue. I'm busy cleaning the house after 2 days of neglect. Now I'm wound up and unsure of sleep. It's all good though. The little one is tucked in bed after passing out on me tonight. I gave him a bath, sat down with him on the couch and handed him his soymilk. He was literally passed out less than one minute later. His bed wasn't made b/c he had thrown up on it at some point last night so I had to wash everything. I couldn't move to change them b/c I was home alone and didn't want to wake him. We went back to the doc today and his white blood cell count is still 30,000(should be less than 15,000). His fever is down but they are thinking he has a sinus infection since he now has an ear infection and NASTY breath. I wish I could keep him upright long enough to brush his teeth but we'll tackle that one tomorrow.
He was happy for a moment today when I put him in his "choo-choo" pajamas. (What's up with little boys and trains?) I've watched more episode of Thomas the Train than I care to mention today. Every time there is a train on..he repeats "choo-choo" over and over again. But what can you do? Children are so pitiful when they are sick. I've been able to rock him to sleep the past few days and in my own little selfish way I'm glad that he will let me.

Monkeyface-Day 2

So here we are again. Day 2 of this illness that makes my child sleep like a teenager. Yesterday he slept for 17 hours until I finally woke him up at 11am. We chilled out in my bed while I worked and he watched Noggin. He was passed out again at 2pm and I took him to the DR. at 345. He had a 105 degree temperature and a white blood cell count of 30,000. They would have considered it high at 15,000 so that meant that my 22 month old had a blood culture, a strep culture, and his second catheter in his life. He had some bacteria in his urine, the beginnings of an ear infection, and they think a virus that's been going around. I'm not sure how he could have picked this up since he was with family all weekend and none of us are sick. He's been asleep for 16 hours now and I have to take him back to the dr at 215 today. Once again I am able to work from home so that is great but I'm still not ready to have a teenager.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poor little Monkeyface

Monkeyface has been asleep since 6pm last night. That's 15.5 hours and counting. He only woke up once around 10pm with a fever so we gave him Tylenol. He was shivering while I rocked him and as soon as I stood up, he pointed at his daddy and had him put him in the bed. I'm taking the day off but still working at home. This means that work gets done, laundry gets done, Eli gets my attention, and dinner is done at a decent hour. I really do enjoy working from home. Why oh why can't this be a daily thing?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ms. Suzy Homemaker

I don't know what's up with me lately but I've been a home cooking fool. Tonight Monkeyface and I made Oatmeal Scotchies and yesterday I made homemade granola bars. The cookies were perfect. The granola bars were great but I substituted dried blueberries, cranberries, and cherries for the fruit and added pecans and organic chocolate chips. Next time I will cook them for about 22 minutes instead of 30 and they will be perfect. Today Monkeyface opened up my pound of medjool dates and immediately began devouring them. I'll be turning these into raw fudge balls later this week...maybe even tomorrow if I have time. What's up with me and the healthy eating? My body has been craving real food, raw food, and healthy food. I'm running with it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why hello there Mother Nature

I would just like to take a moment to thank Google for reminding me that today is the first day of spring. Not that I haven't noticed, mind you. I do spend a lot of time outside frolicking about, enjoying cookouts, watching kids being creative, pulling Monkeyface in the wagon, and taking walks with my boys. I'm taking Monkeyface to his first Easter egg hunt this weekend, weather permitting. Then my parents are keeping him overnight(their first time)and the hubby and I are going out on a grown up date to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary (which was 030208). I can't believe that I have been with this man for 11 years now. Seriously doesn't seem like that long.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommy drinks

I've started drinking a green smoothie every day and I'm feeling a little fantastic. I didn't start the challenge on Feb 25th as the link suggests b/c I did not feel mentally ready then but I did start on Monday. So far I've gone cold turkey on soda and don't miss it, I've not eaten any junk food while at work which in itself is a HUGE accomplishment, and I find myself making better food choices w/o thinking twice about it. My energy is through the roof and I've been sleeping better. All in 3 days? I'm a little baffled myself. When I started this process, I was a little grossed out b/c of all the ingredients. Spinach and mangos? Spinach, bananas, and oranges? Everything has been delicious though. I did add a little agave nectar to the spinach, banana, and orange one b/c it was not sweet enough yesterday. Agave nectar may just be my new favorite sweetner. It's sweet like honey without being sticky and worked wonders on my little smoothie.
I have all the ingredients to make this raw kale avacado salad which I will be dining on tonight. (Feel free to explore this chick's blog b/c she is awesome if not just a little inspiring.) I will also be making these raw fudge balls this weekend to see if the wee one will eat them. He's pretty good about giving everything a try so if I have to give him cookies (his word for all things sweet), why not give him dates? The hubby came home recently and said he wanted to cut out sugar and cheese so we are working on that together. Suprisingly enough I haven't missed sugar a bit and I'm not giving up cheese, but I don't eat it that much either. I really don't know what's up with me lately but I want to be at home cooking. Maybe it's the disgusting bout of food poisoning I got from eating at Red Lobster last month or maybe it's the way dining out always leaves me feeling really heavy. Maybe it's that my cooking is better than most things on most menus and I get to save money.
Monkeyface is doing really well. His vocabulary has taken off since starting daycare and he can even say the name of one of his teachers. The drop off each morning is still hard because he is really attached to me. Who can blame him, I'm awesome!!?? He's growing like a weed, points to everything and asks "what's that?", constantly asks me "where'd it go?", can climb the slide by himself now, will slide down any slide he can find even the tall curvy ones which was a challenge in the beginning, and he holds my hand in the parking lot. I'm amazed. I only tried holding his hand last week and he took to it like a champ. He wants to communicate so badly and we're going through a rough patch right now where he knows what he wants but he can't tell us so he gets frustrated and either collapses on the floor crying or throws things. I keep my cool and talk to him calmly until I can figure out what he needs. Sometimes I think I am a super hero. It is my job to combat evil at every turn, right?