Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I made these tonight and they were unbelievably good. They have peanut butter in them so that means they are full of protein, right? They aren't full of calories, they are full of love. Yeah...love.
So the buy nothing month is almost at and end and I've been just a little more naughty. I bought all of the decorations for Monkeyface's birthday party b/c the party shop was having a buy one get one free sale. Granted, his party is not until June 7th, but how could I pass up a sale on things that I know I'm going to have to purchase. I could not justify paying full price for things next month that were half price now. I also bought some clothes for Monkeyface (Thomas the Train)and a broom. The clothes were completely spur of the moment and we could have lived w/o them but I don't get over to that side of the county very often and I knew it would be a while before I went back. The broom was just a good investment b/c he loves using it and I love having him help me clean. I still feel that I've made a good effort this month and have really watched where our money has gone. It has definitely made me more conscious of my spending habits and I plan to continue this after the month is up.
This weekend I'll be traveling to Myrtle Beach for a much needed girls weekend. I got us an upgrade to a 2BR condo for the occasion free of charge b/c I am good like that. The room looks amazing so fingers crossed that it is. I plan on sleeping late, enjoying a good glass of wine, taking a long walk, and sitting in the jacuzzi. I have even shaved my legs for the event which is a huge undertaking for a hippie like me.
Speaking of hippies...last night Monkeyface was looking at one of my yoga books full of pictures. He would point to the pictures and in his funny gibberish that sounds like a cross between German, English, and Japanese, he would say "hippie" every time he pointed to one. And I gave my usual reply, "yes baby, hippie."



If I shaved my legs, it would clog the drain. Have a nice weekend!