Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well here it is April 5th and I've made 4 pledges this month already. What in the world is going on?
I've pledged to buy nothing this month unless I absolutely need it which is hard b/c I'm a browser. Today alone I've found these headbands. I'm already drooling for this book and a cup of tea. I'm actually almost out of tea for the first time in the history of my tea drinking but as it is not a need, I cannot buy anymore.
I've also pledged to myself to drink a green smoothie every day this month. That one is not going too well but there is always tomorrow. I do love the way they taste, I just don't like to blend them in the morning. I think I'm going to plan it out so that I make a double batch at one time.
I've pledged $35 to the Environment North Carolina because I figure that hits closer to home than anything else I could have done. I also think I will start volunteering with river/park cleanups when Eli gets older b/c I want him to know what it feels like to give solely for the sake of giving. I suppose it is not totally selfless though b/c I do like the way I feel after having made someone else smile.
I've pledged to declutter this month as well which is fine in theory but poor in follow through. I am the person that will have a gigantic pile of thrift store goods sitting by my bedroom door for months before I take them out. But I suppose that this will be a good motivator to change that. It's hard for me to get rid of things because I was raised to keep everything. I was always told that you just never know when you are going to need it. Now I live in a house that needs decorating but I'm afraid to do it b/c I don't want to clutter up the place. I do, however, still have boxes to unpack from when we moved in here over 4 years ago. Sad, I know. Stuff is stashed and stacked. I type this I'm already moving towards throwing things away.
I've pledged to do my taxes today which isn't really life changing but it is something I need to do and stop procrastinating. So off I go.



I understand your fear of getting rid of things you "might need someday." Consider whether you've needed them even once in the past year. If you donated the clutter, and found you needed them later, could you replace them fairly easily or substitute something else?

One more thing to keep in mind is that by hoarding stuff that you may, or may not, need in the future, you are keeping these items from being used now by someone else. This train of thought often gives me the push I need to let go of something I am unlikely to really ever use.