Friday, April 18, 2008

Western Dream

Bob Sinclair is playing on Pandora today in the office. It makes me happy. After years of bringing in my ipod or burning cds to bring in, we've finally been allowed to use the "unused" computer and play music. The right music makes all the difference and that album cover makes me want to run away today to nap in the sun. How fantastic is it that it's going to be 82 today? I'm a little jealous that Monkeyface gets to play outside all day while I work inside and he gets to nap. When I went to lunch on Wednesday I made a comment to my co-worker that if we were with Monkeyface right now then we would be napping. Oh how I miss naps. I think this weekend you'll find me on the couch with the windows open napping while he naps.
So my "Buy Nothing" month has been doing rather well. The only extra things I've bought have been clothes, but in my defense they were on sale and they were exactly what I've been looking for. I bought 2 pair of plaid cargo shorts for Monkeyface and some fantasic chocolate linen pants and a black shirt for myself. The pants fit perfectly in the waist and hips and after I get them altered to fit my apparently short legs then they will be the best pants ever. I don't know why stores think that plus size women are 7 ft tall. Sometimes I wished that I could draw/sew so that I could design some decent clothes for the fairer sex.
I did visit Linens and Things and was tempted by all the gadgets but walked away with only the sandwich cutter I needed for the cucumber sandwiches that I made for the shower of my sister in law that I love and all that jazz. (how's that for a run-on?) I love gadgets. They always seem so promising but I reminded myself of the larger picture this month and stopped the impulse to purchase. Oh yeah..I also bought some new washcloths which were needed for when my house guests arrive in June. They are darling little monkey washcloths so how could I not get them? The kids are going to love them.



Ok, so I originally read that as "How fantastic is it that I'm going to be 82 today?" and thought there was a secret all along you haven't been telling me...HAHA!