Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh my aching back

This weekend was a lot of fun but boy I'm tired. I'm ready for Memorial Day weekend just so I can rest a little longer.
I helped to host a baby shower on Saturday which was my first one ever. I made about 40 large cucumber sandwiches and cut them into 2 hearts each with my wonderful heart shaped sandwich cutter. It took about 2 hours to make all of those which I didn't expect but I got lots of compliments so it was worth the effort. Oh and I love my sister in law and all that so it was worth the effort even if no one complimented me.
Uncle Vern babysat while I was at the baby shower yesterday and this is what he left for me:

This was the first in a set of 3 photos where my son's face got progressively dirtier. (In the background you will see a learning tower which is a fantastic way to have your kid at the counter when you cook. No more falling of chairs!!)
I decided to take Monkeyface and his cousin, Nanah, to the lake later in the day to feed the ducks all of the leftover white bread and crusts. White bread has never made its way into this house before so at least two pieces were devoured by Monkeyface while he sang "Yummy". Yeah I know baby, it is yummy.
We bought a potty yesterday and will be starting to talk about that this week. I'm not ready to train just yet, but I do want to start talking about the potty. Yes, I talk about potties now. Oh, the excitement!
Today I was allowed to sleep until 9am which is a very rare event in this house. After a breakfast of delicious grits, eggs, and bacon Monkeyface and I unloaded the dishwasher, vacuumed, and dusted. He is a "tremendous" helper and I am making sure that I nuture this side of him. I figure that it is my job to teach him all I can about independence and this is the first step. Well actually, I guess the first step was actually his first step, but this is good too.
We eventually made it over to the inlaws for our monthly get together and the kids played really well together. I love watching all the cousins running around with Monkeyface trailing behind them. Soon there will be a new addition so he won't have to be in last place for too much longer :)
Well, Desperate Housewives is finally back on tonight so I need to get my dose of primetime trash. Yay DVR! I never have to watch a commercial again.