Friday, March 28, 2008

Happiness is...

Since I've been dealing with a sick family all week I've decided that I need to remind myself what has made me happy during this time.

**Having Monkeyface call out for me just so I can rub his back while he tries to sleep

** I have literally enjoyed cleaning off the kitchen counter b/c this smells so yummy.

**Working from home so all the laundry is done

**Homemade baked ziti that was immediatley devoured

**Finally finding a product that makes my hair curl the way I want it to.

**Medjool dates

**Knowing that I'll be baking cherry banana bread tomorrow

**Monkeyface being completely enthralled with my dad.

**Easter Egg Hunts

**Listening to Hey Willpower

**Telling a gruff, angry Italian man that his hotel guests think he is a gruff, angry Italian and then proceeding to mock said gruff, angry Italian man

**Being picked up for lunch today in a convertible with the top down and subsequently being called Thelma and Louise

**Sitting outside in the evening while I play around on the internet