Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

So now the hubby is out. Asleep by 8:30 tonight after complaining about a sore throat and fatigue. I'm busy cleaning the house after 2 days of neglect. Now I'm wound up and unsure of sleep. It's all good though. The little one is tucked in bed after passing out on me tonight. I gave him a bath, sat down with him on the couch and handed him his soymilk. He was literally passed out less than one minute later. His bed wasn't made b/c he had thrown up on it at some point last night so I had to wash everything. I couldn't move to change them b/c I was home alone and didn't want to wake him. We went back to the doc today and his white blood cell count is still 30,000(should be less than 15,000). His fever is down but they are thinking he has a sinus infection since he now has an ear infection and NASTY breath. I wish I could keep him upright long enough to brush his teeth but we'll tackle that one tomorrow.
He was happy for a moment today when I put him in his "choo-choo" pajamas. (What's up with little boys and trains?) I've watched more episode of Thomas the Train than I care to mention today. Every time there is a train on..he repeats "choo-choo" over and over again. But what can you do? Children are so pitiful when they are sick. I've been able to rock him to sleep the past few days and in my own little selfish way I'm glad that he will let me.