Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monkeyface-Day 2

So here we are again. Day 2 of this illness that makes my child sleep like a teenager. Yesterday he slept for 17 hours until I finally woke him up at 11am. We chilled out in my bed while I worked and he watched Noggin. He was passed out again at 2pm and I took him to the DR. at 345. He had a 105 degree temperature and a white blood cell count of 30,000. They would have considered it high at 15,000 so that meant that my 22 month old had a blood culture, a strep culture, and his second catheter in his life. He had some bacteria in his urine, the beginnings of an ear infection, and they think a virus that's been going around. I'm not sure how he could have picked this up since he was with family all weekend and none of us are sick. He's been asleep for 16 hours now and I have to take him back to the dr at 215 today. Once again I am able to work from home so that is great but I'm still not ready to have a teenager.