Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommy drinks

I've started drinking a green smoothie every day and I'm feeling a little fantastic. I didn't start the challenge on Feb 25th as the link suggests b/c I did not feel mentally ready then but I did start on Monday. So far I've gone cold turkey on soda and don't miss it, I've not eaten any junk food while at work which in itself is a HUGE accomplishment, and I find myself making better food choices w/o thinking twice about it. My energy is through the roof and I've been sleeping better. All in 3 days? I'm a little baffled myself. When I started this process, I was a little grossed out b/c of all the ingredients. Spinach and mangos? Spinach, bananas, and oranges? Everything has been delicious though. I did add a little agave nectar to the spinach, banana, and orange one b/c it was not sweet enough yesterday. Agave nectar may just be my new favorite sweetner. It's sweet like honey without being sticky and worked wonders on my little smoothie.
I have all the ingredients to make this raw kale avacado salad which I will be dining on tonight. (Feel free to explore this chick's blog b/c she is awesome if not just a little inspiring.) I will also be making these raw fudge balls this weekend to see if the wee one will eat them. He's pretty good about giving everything a try so if I have to give him cookies (his word for all things sweet), why not give him dates? The hubby came home recently and said he wanted to cut out sugar and cheese so we are working on that together. Suprisingly enough I haven't missed sugar a bit and I'm not giving up cheese, but I don't eat it that much either. I really don't know what's up with me lately but I want to be at home cooking. Maybe it's the disgusting bout of food poisoning I got from eating at Red Lobster last month or maybe it's the way dining out always leaves me feeling really heavy. Maybe it's that my cooking is better than most things on most menus and I get to save money.
Monkeyface is doing really well. His vocabulary has taken off since starting daycare and he can even say the name of one of his teachers. The drop off each morning is still hard because he is really attached to me. Who can blame him, I'm awesome!!?? He's growing like a weed, points to everything and asks "what's that?", constantly asks me "where'd it go?", can climb the slide by himself now, will slide down any slide he can find even the tall curvy ones which was a challenge in the beginning, and he holds my hand in the parking lot. I'm amazed. I only tried holding his hand last week and he took to it like a champ. He wants to communicate so badly and we're going through a rough patch right now where he knows what he wants but he can't tell us so he gets frustrated and either collapses on the floor crying or throws things. I keep my cool and talk to him calmly until I can figure out what he needs. Sometimes I think I am a super hero. It is my job to combat evil at every turn, right?