Sunday, March 30, 2008


Day 5 of this dreadful illness and we finally know what it is. Roseola! FUN FUN FUN! I don't wish this on anyone. We're at the rash phase now which is actually quite painful. Couple that with antibiotics and as every mother knows, when your kids are on antibiotics they have diarrhea. He screams every single time I change his diaper which was about twice for every hour he was awake yesterday. The antibiotics are for the ear infection that he's gotten. We went almost 2 years without one which I totally believe is b/c we don't give him cow's milk.
He's curled up on his daddy right now and will not leave his side since he got home. I really feel bad for how miserable he is.
By the the post where I listed what made me happy I should have said 80 degree weather. What's up with it being 47 today? Is there a dance I can do to bring on Spring?