Monday, June 2, 2008

Giving day 17 &18

Day 17
I was supposed to sleep in but I was up by 9am. Something told me to wake up and when I checked my email I found that my Canadian cohort was not coming into town :( So I put off the cleaning I had planned and took the day off to catch up on the DVR and to make pasta salad for dinner at the in law's last night. I did a pretty good job with my bacon, green pea, sunflower seed, ranch pasta salad. I didn't give in to my dark side last night when my brother in law said something that really made me want to bite his head off. That right there was a HUGE day of giving. Trust me.

Day 18
I finally gave the clothes to Goodwill. They've been in my car for about 2 weeks now and I just made the time to get them over there. I am giving my dad a place to sleep tonight. He's supposed to be camping out but he didn't make it in time.

I was the top sales person in my office this month. No congratulations though because I was the only person that actually worked the full month. Everyone else was off a week traveling on business. My accomplishment was just shrugged off even though I only booked my own agents, booked other people's agents for them and gave them credit, and did a mighty fine job of it to. No thanks, nothing. I am so glad I'm taking a vacation.