Friday, June 13, 2008

Giving Day 26, 27, & 28

Day 26-Tuesday
This was my last day of vacation and I let Monkeyface sleep in before taking him to daycare for the day. My parents had to come into town to run some errands. On the way they stopped by a "pick your own" strawberry farm and pick 2 giant buckets. They stopped by the house to clean up the strawberries so I asked them to stay for dinner. I came home and whipped something up from the freezer and it was delicious.

Day 27-Wednesday
First day back at work :( I was able to give my brother lunch today for his birthday. I missed out on it Monday since I wasn't working but I made sure to take care of him today.

Day 28-Thursday
On this day I made sure to smile at everyone that made eye contact with me. It was just a simple gesture but I learned rather quickly that people spend a lot of time avoiding eye contact. I also made muffins Wednesday night to bring into work Thursday morning so that I could provide breakfast for my co-workers. This challenge has taught me that I am obsessed with making sure people are fed.