Monday, June 16, 2008

Giving Day 2.1

Yes, I'm really going to do this again. I really enjoyed the process and creativity and I'm hoping that it becomes a habit.

Saturday was spent out at Pullen Park in the 97 degree weather. Normally I would not have done this but I wanted to give Monkeyface a chance to ride the carousel. When we arrived he immediately ran to the largest thing he could find to climb. This slide was huge and there were plenty of older kids afraid to slide down. He just climbed over them and showed them how it was done.

After the slide I took him over to the carousel where we rode it again and again and again. He didn't understand that we had to get off the carousel in order to ride again so I basically had to peel him off of the horse each time, get back in line, and give the lady my ticket again while keeping Monkeyface from writhing out of my arms. It was worth it though. I just hate being the one that everyone stares at but I got over it really fast. I'd never experienced public temper tantrums before and I think I did well. Besides, how do you make a 2 year old understand that he has to get off a ride to get back on a ride? When he was done, he was done and we moved on to the next part of the park.

It was an extremely hot day so the carousel helped to cool us down a bit and I was able to tear him away at one point to take a snack break.

Yes that's Sheriff Taylor and Opie.

After going down the slide a few more times, I was finally able to convince him to take a boat ride.

Then it was off to Locopops for the best popsicles ever. Really...this face says it all.