Friday, June 20, 2008

Giving-Day 2.5, 2.6

2.5 Wednesday night I gave my husband about 100 smiles as he ran around the house cleaning. My kitchen looks great now by the way. Smiles of reassureance, smiles of amusement, and smiles of understanding. As of today, he hasn't smoked in 9 days. Completely cold turkey. I am so proud of him.

2.6 Yesterday I extended an invitation to another old friend of mine. He and his family are coming over on Sunday for some grilling goodness. Hopefully the rain will be kind to us and the kids will get to play outside. If not, the house is large enough that the kids can still run around and play while the adults do the same. I'm so excited to have another family to hang out with. Just hung up the phone with said friend only to find out that his wife loves to make cakes. SCORE!

I am so amazed by when you get back when you give. Now don't get me wrong, I am not giving to get back, but by giving I have opened myself up to receive. It has been a blessing to learn this.