Sunday, May 18, 2008


Technically that was yesterday but I was so beat after a busy day that I couldn't bring myself to post. Yesterday I gave my son a great day (which I don't think I would have done had I not been doing this challenge), I gave a friend lunch, I gave out some recipes, and then I gave a couple of people a call.

Normally I would have wanted to go to Artsplosure but would have never made the effort b/c I enjoy relaxing on Saturdays. I'm glad I went.

We started the day at the coffeeshop:

Where we played a little banjo:

Then we went to Artsplosure and discovered windchimes:

From there we moved on to bubble making:

(they should have had more of these set up)

Showing off the homemade terrarium seconds before he dropped it:

Mommy and Monkey:

Then he played in the sand with K:

After a long walk through all the arts & crafts, we stopped for lunch:

And we finished up the day with an ice cream treat:

I'm very glad I took this challenge or else I would have missed out on a really good day.