Thursday, May 29, 2008

Giving-Day 14

Today was simple. I gave my co-workers a ride to lunch and then I gave my brother the lunch that I was supposed to eat. Someone stole his lunch from the freezer at work so I felt lucky that I had not eaten mine and was able to offer it to him.

Right now I'm enjoying the following:

*This giving challenge
*My boy turns 2 tomorrow
*There is a robin's nest right outside my front door and I've watched the babies go from eggs to little birds over the last week. The mama is used to me now and doesn't fly away each time I come outside.
*Knowledge that I will be off work next week.
*Pepita Crusted Cheddar Jack Southwest Chicken Mac
*Finally booking my trip to Costa Rica
*Watching Monkeyface mock me. He puts a bucket on his arm like I hold my purse and says "Bye!" to me over and over again.

Things I am not enjoying right now:

*Stress eating-It has really gotten out of control
*Lack of exercise due to said stress
*Insomnia due to stress
*Lack of time to clean the house properly. I do not function well with a mess.

Here's hoping I have a good weekend. I'm picking up cupcakes tomorrow to take to the daycare. I can't wait to see Monkeyface's face when I surprise him with them. I also can't wait to see him when he gets home and sees that his daddy has put together a new tricycle for him. We are fortunate enough to have an open floor plan so he will be able to terrorize us as he rides around and around.