Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week Two

Weight Loss
I lost .2 lbs this week.
The only exercise I got this week was a slow saunter down the beach while I looked for a place to throw my stuff down.
A little out of control this week. I was very conscious of what I was eating and I made good choices, but I did not keep track of it. This was my downfall here. I ate Broccoli slaw which is always delicious. I've been making this for years and never thought to add bacon bits or cranberries. It was completely awesome. We visited the farmer's market yesterday and purchased tomatoes, corn, squash, green beans, blackberries, and watermelon. I'm excited to dive in this week. I already made a blackberry cobbler which will be savored a little at a time.

Goals for Week 3:
**exercise 4 times this week for 30 minutes each time or a total of 120 minutes
**Try out Jillian Michael's 30 day shred
**Lose 3 lbs this week
**Take a walk in a new location
**Eat all the veggies I brought home from the farmer's market