Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living Juicy

I just found this website and found it enthralling. I read a lot of blogs and a few of them talk about living juicy or surrounding themselves with juicy women and today I finally thought to look up what they mean by "juicy".

I find the whole concept very interesting. Sort of a "Carpe Diem!" attitude which I can totally appreciate. I think I've lost that part of me and have been finding things too "inconvenient" lately. What I mean by this is that I almost lost a fantastic day at the beach with my hubby and son b/c I didn't want to get everything together to go. That was my excuse until something inside of me snapped and I thought about what I was saying. My hubby never wants to go to the beach or even do things spontaneously. Why would I deny myself a memorable day? I am thrilled that I snapped out of that. Now to work that into my daily life...