Thursday, July 23, 2009


I just remembered how completely happy this song makes me. It takes me back to drumming for the Afro-Caribbean dance troupe and watching the girls get down to this song. I think it's time for a dance around the living room with Monkeyface. Man that was a good time. Drumming and letting it all go. Then I had to go and get married and want to devote my time to marriage instead of drumming. I don't regeret my decision b/c the troupe fell apart soon after that. We were practicing twice a week and then performing almost every weekend. It was hard to commit to that as a newlywed. I think fondly of these strong, magnetic, empowered women and girls. I could never dance like they could but I could provide a funky beat. I miss the sweethearts that were my drumming buddies. I miss impromptu drumming in the rose garden on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I miss watching people lose themselves in music especially when it's my music.