Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Family Fun Monday

My sister in law introduced me to the concept of Family Fun Monday. Apparently the Mormon church has been doing it for years and I was never notified. Well since the little one's birthday I've decided that we are participating in this. Being an avid list maker, I've come up with several ideas:

1-make an apple pie together
2-play with the waterpillar
3-make sidewalk paint and paint together
4-ziploc omelettes
5-walk around neighborhood
6-play at Shelley Lake
7-walk at Umstead
8-feed ducks at Lake Lynn
9-drumming out at Lake Johnson
10-picnic at Pullen Park
12-Pelican's Snoballs
13-picnic at Rotary Park
14-disc golf
15-airplane park

That should keep us busy all summer.



You'll be converted in no time... I hope you like jello.

Mommy of 3

You just wait til you have those Pelican SnoBalls. They're to DIE for!
And don't forget to add "go to K's pool"

The Snob

please to explain the concept of ziploc omelets. this intrigues me!