Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear Yoga,
You kiced my ass again last night. Who knew that I had muscles in my rear end? We did yoga against a wall. Downward dog with our toes on the wall-my poor little wrists begging for mercy. I was able to lift one leg up onto the wall even though it wasn't very high. Doesn't matter that I couldn't stay that way long. What matters is that I did it. Twice! Once for each leg. I did a modified pigeon pose. I did downward dogs, then planks, then downward dogs again. I did warrior poses and held my leg up in the air longer and straighter than last week. You will not thwart me! I feel stronger than I have in years. I'll take the 2 days of pain. I'll take the stares of disbelief in my class as I hoist my 291 lb body up and down with all the physically fit.
Yoga-you will not beat me. You just make me want to try harder!