Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beyond expectations

Goals for the week of April 4-10:
1) Drink 64oz of water per day
2) Walk around a lake twice this week
3) One other form of 30 minute exercise this week
4) Get a battery for my pedometer
5) Stay under 1750 calories per day this week
6) In bed by 11pm
7) Make a pot of steel cut oats for breakfasts this week

I went to the gym last night for an hour long yoga class. It kicked my butt in ways I didn't know possible. I can feel the muscles in the back of my legs and arms. I forgot I had these but now that I can feel them, it's kinda awesome. I also forgot how amazing I feel afterwards. Completely relaxed and almost unable to talk coherently. It's safe to say that it's a little piece of bliss.
I'm also remembering how well my body responds when I start listening to it. I love having my mind and body in tune with one another instead of constantly battling. It's so exhausting to want to do something but continuously talking yourself out of it. Then the guilt...oh the guilt that follows because you aren't doing what you long to do. Why do I forget how much I hate excuses? I need to remind myself of this constantly. Think I'll sticky note my house.