Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why you wish my BFF was yours....but she ain't

a) She is fierce
b) She is loyal to a fault
c) She can rock all hair colors
d) She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and isn't ashamed of it being on her sleeve
e) She doles out the best nicknames
f) She is a good travel buddy
g) You are guaranteed to have a good time in her presence
h) I can spend the day with her doing absolutely nothing and that is a great day
i) In a past life she was a Rockette
j) She gives great music
k) She is a numismatist (look it up!)
l) She is flawed and not afraid to admit it
m) My kid adores her
n) She is super freaking creative
o) She is the one that gets the dance party started
p) She pushes me out of my comfort zone
q) She is a soft place to land
r) We have laughed so hard together that I've had to pull over and stop driving
s) We think we are brilliant and you should too
t) She writes me beautiful prose
u) She points things out to me about myself that I would have never noticed. Things that should be noticed. Things that should have been noticed and pointed out a long time ago.
v) She would give you the coat off her back if you really needed it
w) She lifts people up way higher than they lift her
x) If you don't have anything nice to say, she'll come sit by you
y) She makes terrific french toast
z) She is an astounding player of the "Six degrees of U2" game we created
1) She has a beautiful singing voice
2) She should be on stage-I keep hoping she'll make this happen
3) She's crafty
4) She is always up for a road trip
5) Take her to Vegas
6) She would help me move a body
7) I don't think she's ever judged me but she's probably judging you
8) She is a great conversationalist
9) I love taking her to musicals
10) She is all about social justice as a lifestyle
11) She is a big believer in forgiveness
12) Sometimes I think that she purposely has hooker nails because she knows how much I hate them
13) She is nothing, but if consistent
14) All you need is love and she has plenty to go around


The Snob

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