Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend update 3

1) make pasta salad for the family cookout 23May
2) visit the farmer's market 23May
3) play with water outside (various water activities) 23May**
4) play with outdoor bubbles (I make them myself) 24may
5) Go to the art museum for a walk and a picnic
6) Make seed bombs
7) Go to the park 23May
8) Glue cotton balls to a plate and then paint them
9) Paint with shaving cream
10) I spy
11) Paint driveway with sidewalk chalk and/or water 24may
12) feed the ducks
13) make bird feeders
14) make breakfast together
15) get coffee with friends 23MAY

Nothing new knocked off the list but we still had a great day running errands, getting free ice cream, and playing with the newly purchased water guns. Made new jars of jam with the hubby tonight so we should be set for a while. I think we're going to try peaches next month when those are ready.