Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things to do this weekend:

So last weekend I was wiped out and after making jelly, I didn't feel like doing much else. I'm not quite sure why b/c the jelly making process was easy. This lead to a lot of TV watching and I'm not down with that. This weekend that is not happening. Here is a list of things that will keep us busy:

1) make pasta salad for the family cookout
2) visit the farmer's market
3) play with water outside (various water activities)
4) play with outdoor bubbles (I make them myself)
5) Go to the art museum for a walk and a picnic
6) Make seed bombs
7) Go to the park
8) Glue cotton balls to a plate and then paint them
9) Paint with shaving cream
10) I spy
11) Paint driveway with sidewalk chalk and/or water
12) feed the ducks
13) make bird feeders
14) make breakfast together
15) get coffee with friends

Now I don't plan to do this all at once or even all in one weekend but at least I have ideas now and TV is not included.