Sunday, October 18, 2009

This weekend

Inspired by my brother-in-law BB (I think I'll call him Bubble Butt), I'll be going about this list style.

1) Friday took off work early and drove 2.5 hours south to watch my niece cheer at a football game.
2) Discovered that high school is exactly as I remember it and she is graduating exactly 20 years after I did. I swear I do not feel that old.
3) Went to Niece #2's soccer game out in the Fuh-reeeeezing cold. She made 1 assist and 1 goal. It was really awesome. My little one played with his new umbrella the entire time. It took me over a month to actually find a kid sized umbrella.
4) We then went to the giant yellow store (aka IKEA) and it was awesome. Seriously. I couldn't even traverse the entire store b/c it was too huge. Anyone want to go back?
5) Brought home all kinds of goodies. The best was the tiny tiny espresso cups complete with saucers, a creamer pitcher, and a pretend sugar bowl. My little one loves to make coffee for me. He's going to be thrilled.
6) Fingers crossed that Santa actually brings him the kitchen he keeps asking for. ;)