Monday, October 26, 2009

Things that need to be done this week:

1) The header is a work in process. That needs to be finished.
2) Make cookies for Friday
3) Trick or treat with the family
4) Wash bottles I got from Ikea
5) Hide kid table I got from Ikea b/c Monkeyface is starting to ask questions
6) Jewelry making class
7) Grocery shopping
8) Laundry
9) Pick up chips for Monkeyface's Halloween party
10)Balance a budget
11)Decide if I'm going to catch up on Heroes
12)Invite B&M out for dinner Friday night
13)Crunch some leaves
14)Take cider home
15)Take knife home
16)Stop by Food Lion for some free eggs (email me if you need the coupon)
17)Pick up some more Ziploc bags (Paid me $1 to buy 4 boxes)
18)Clean out car
19)And now I need to stop b/c this is getting too long and it's only things I need to remember...not things I'll do any way.


The Snob

who is B&M? is this our bowling partners? YAY!

i will take free eggs plz

i am so excited about your jewelry class!