Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

We are stuck in a new time/space continuum in my house. Everything is "big red car" this and "big red car" that. It leads to melt downs, fits, happiness, laughter, etc. Will the cycle be broken? Monkeyface is obsessed with The Wiggles. Well I suppose that he always has been, but lately he's been sitting upstairs with his dad watching Youtube over and over again singing "big red car". I don't understand the sudden obsession. When he was about 8 weeks old, I would put on the Wiggles and sit in front of him (his back to TV), and sing along while acting out this song with his feet and arms. We've always danced around and sang to them. Lord help me through the repetitiveness of a 2.5 year old.

Apparently my son's memebership card to the Ministry of Silly Walks finally came in the mail. (That and a pair of big boy pants) His sense of humor is taking over and he's getting bold. It's cracking me up that he follows me, his dad, and apparently Karla around and does a funny walk behind our backs.

We've also been rocking out to the new Led Zepplin & Elvis channels on XM radio. I know he hears a song he likes b/c he will start thrashing his head around and slinging his hands wildly. So apparently he dances like his dad but can at least keep a beat like me :)

Lately we've been taking walks, talking about the different letters of the alphabet, pureeing pumpkins, doing "artch", and counting to 8 (1, 2, 8, 2, 8, 9, 8). I miss the dandelions but we've been loving the leaves. Especially the ones that people sweep out into the street. Sunday we finally did this and he pulled out his little bubble lawnmower and "helped" us. It was actually kinda fun cleaning the yard. I'm an immediate gratification kinda girl and loved watching the leaves pile up as the yard was cleared.

OH and the eating lately has been insane. Two people came up to us while we were dining out for Sunday's lunch and commented that they had never seen a child this small eat that much food. He was eating like I hadn't fed him all day. He's been eating like that every day. He gets a banana as soon as I pick him up from daycare, then he eats a snack of yogurt or similarly healthy when he gets home, then he eats all of his dinner about an hour later, and sometimes he'll keep snacking until bed time. This doesn't count the breakfast that he now eats before going to school, the breakfast once he's at school, plus lunch and two snacks. Do I hear growth spurt?

Whew! So what do I do with my time? I shop Etsy for Christmas presents, I plan our meals, clip coupons, save us money, and am slowly building a stockpile of food for pennies. I do laundry and relax in front of the TV. I plan things for the weekends but we just never find time to do it all. I obsess over a dozen eggs for $.99 and then I get excited b/c I actually made a special trip back to the grocery store to buy them and they were there. About an hour after the trip, I tell the hubby, "I'm so glad that I went back to get those eggs so that I could stop thinking about them." Yeah, we're still laughing about that one.



I'm glad I'm not the only one who obsesses over cheap eggs.

Good thing you find good deals to keep your little monkey fed. Next thing you know, he'll be a big, hairy ape.