Sunday, November 16, 2008

I will teach you to be rich-update on tip #4 and #1

Tip #4-Involve your friends in your savings challenge & Tip #1-Pack lunches this week....or don't dine out as much as I like to call it.

Week #1-Lunch one time was $9, breakfast was $2.16, and I did not go out to dinner.
Week #2-Lunch was $9, I did not go to a fast food joint for breakfast, and I did not go out to dinner. However, I was lazy this week so I ordered pizza one night and picked up burritos the next. This cost me $23 for my share.

I had allowed myself $50.78 for two weeks. I actually spent $43.16.
This is an additional savings of $7.62

**After I typed this I remembered that I spent $3.50 today for coffee and lunch. So my additional savings was only $4.12