Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I will teach you to be rich

Tip #2-Turn your thermostat down 3 degrees

I'm already taking this challenge with Crunchy Chicken so this one is easy. I will tell you that since we've owned our house, every summer we spend well over $200 per month in the summer months for A/C. This year I was very careful to rarely, if ever turn our a/c down below 69 degrees. Most days it was kept at 72 degrees with ceiling fans and floor fans running. This is the first summer that we did not go over that $200 so I know it's working. Right now I'm keeping the thermostat on 68 degrees if we are up and moving around and 65 degrees when we are away from home or sleeping. I think this is going to be easier than in years past b/c I finally hung up some curtains in the living room that block the cold air that comes in through the old windows.

I'm guessing that for every 3 degrees you turn it down, you save 3%, so if I'm trying to beat a $200 bill then I will save $18.



Holy Cow!! 69 degrees?!! You would hate our house in the summer. I keep it at 78 or I'm freezing.