Thursday, March 17, 2011

What do you do when...?

Sometimes I need someone to be there for me. Sometimes I hate having to be the one to keep it all together. Sometimes I hate being the one with the smile on my face. Sometimes I need advice. Sometimes I just need someone to listen. Sometimes I just need someone to hold my hand and be quiet with me.
I feel a little lost lately. Like, I want to find answers but I don't even really know what the questions are. I feel like I'm just walking around in a huge circle and I want to hop off but I'm not sure how that is supposed to happen. I feel a huge calling back to my faith but I don't know how to go back to it. I've avoided it for so long and while organized religion is not necessarily for me, I do want to find a like minded, social justice motivated community of support. I miss having in depth, soul changing conversations. I miss having something to say other than "tired" when someone asks me how I am.
The truth is, I am tired. So, so tired.