Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What I'm loving...

I swear that I've been blogging since 2001 and have kept a written journal since I could write. There's just something about making it all public that I can't do. I can ramble for hours and hours but put it in writing and publish it for the world to see and I can't do it. I used to document Monkeyface's every move which I really miss doing so I may pick that back up. For now, here are some things I'm loving.

1-my new bedroom (still a work in progress) It does include this peony pillow which I obsessed over before buying. I love it and actually make my bed daily now. I took before pictures and when it's all done I'll post them along with the after pics.

2-This rhino which I am going to love and pet and call him Sylvester. He's going in the new bedroom and I swear he is going to make me smile.

3-Banana Oat Bread that Monkeyface baked with me this weekend. It was fun and he actually did most of the mixing and pouring.

4-I love that my kid loves to help me do everything. Sure it takes longer to get things done but if he insists on helping then I insist on letting him. This includes an obsession with mowing grass. He asks me everyday if the grass is "bigger now" so that he can make it smaller again.

5-Sugar Free Italian Ices! YES! YES! YES!

6-Dreams of a day spent leaned up against a tree reading a book. (secret mother's day wish). Dreams of a clean car (out loud mother's day wish)

7-Creating something for somebody

8-I love cooking. I really do. I love turning nothing into something and watching people enjoy themselves.

9-This was on my Facebook, but I really like that the other night Hubby runs in with Monkeyface on his shoulder and Hubby goes "ARRRGH!!" and Monkeyface goes "Squawk! Polly wants a cracker! Squawk!"

10-Even though kiddo is sick now he is still making funny faces at me trying to make me laugh. He won't do it when anyone else is looking and will only do them for me.