Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I bigger now-Cooking with my kid

My little one is 2 (almost 3) and has been helping me cook as long as he could stand.

He's bigger now, after all:

He drains cans for me and dumps them into whatever I am cooking
he washes veggies for me
runs the food processor or blender as I’m standing nearby
he uses the immersion blender with my help
he hands me dishes so that I can put them away
he cuts with the butter knife
he stirs and pours with his new kid sized utensils
mashes bananas or potatoes
scoops out avacados
closes and opens the microwave/refrigerator doors
sweeps the floor with a tiny little broom and dustpan
he throws things in the trash or recycling for me

He's also allowed to get his own snacks and pour his own juice.
And he loves to mow grass and help with the laundry. How long does this phase last? I'm loving it.