Thursday, October 9, 2008

Are you scared yet?

My sister in law did this and scared me so now I would like to scare her.

List 7 random and/or weird things about yourself:

1) I love Duke's Mayonnaise. I mean, like, LOVE it. When I was younger I used to eat Mayonnaise sandwiches-not because we couldn't afford meat but b/c I love Duke's Mayo so much. Seriously. This is the one thing I will buy w/o it being on sale or having a coupon. I don't compromise...ever. I switched to diet Mt. Dew but I will not ever switch to low-fat, reduced-fat crap b/c Duke's is the best. Convinced yet?

2) I rarely clip my fingernails. They are a perfect shade of french manicure. I really don't know how else to describe them. They are perfectly pink with white tips and they look like they are professionally done. They are strong and I hate to file them. I also hate manicures because you have to have your nails filed. I rarely paint them but my toes are almost always painted and I love pedicures.

3) I love tomatoes and I love fried chicken but if you put the two of those on the same sandwich, I will not eat it. I love milk and I love chocolate, but not chocolate milk.

4) I find it deeply satisfying to pick my nose w/o a tissue. Don't worry you can still shake my hand b/c I am also always washing my hands. Besides, you know that you enjoy it too.

5) The other day my son took an infant pool float that has a place for your kid to put their legs and turned it upside down over his head. It looked like a giant space ship. He then proceeded to chase me around the house with his hands in the shape of lobster claws about to pinch me, screaming "I'm gonna get you!" (yes not about me, but he is my kid and I love that he is so weird).

6) Remember those 3-D pictures back in the 90's that if you stared at long enough and crossed your eyes just a little, you could see a picture within the picture? Well, yeah, I couldn't do that b/c I'm already cross-eyed and see perfectly fine with my eyes crossed.

7) Farts are funny.



I am totally with you on #4. But, don't tell T-Bone. He would freak out. Just like he does about farts. We can't do that in front of each other. I just have to pretend that I don't ever need to fart and always try to keep them quiet. It's a stressful life.


Hi Mama,

Tried to find your email, but no luck. Saw that you loved Duke's Mayonnaise and thought you'd be perfect for Duke'latest contest - it is looking for its first jingle. Thank you so much for your support!!!

You and others can submit your very own Duke’s ditty for a chance to win $500 cash, a year’s supply of Duke’s Mayonnaise and their very own jingle printed on a Duke’s Mayonnaise jar.

All submissions must be original, 45-seconds or less and incorporate the condiment’s tagline, “The Secret of Great Southern Cooks.” Entries can be submitted either via or mailed on a CD, DVD or VHS. All submissions must be accompanied by an entry form downloadable on For mailing information and more details on contest rules and requirements, visit Entries are open to residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

For a sample entry, visit

More details at

Thanks again for your loyalty to Duke's.