Monday, August 30, 2010

What I believe about love.

I've been thinking a lot about love and how loving affects our lives ever since I returned from Belize.
I believe that love makes us kinder.
I am constantly doing things behind the scenes for the people I love. They may or may not know it is me but I try to bring a little magic to everyone's life. I am also trying my best to extend this to strangers. Everyone can use a smile and you never know if that is the exact moment when they needed it most. I don't ever want to say or do anything that will disappoint my husband or child.
I believe that love makes us more patient than we ever thought possible
I easily answer 100 questions per day. I don't necessarily enjoy it but I know that it helps with growth and development. I can also take a deep breath and easily ride out a tantrum or anger riddled conversation. I never knew patience until I knew the love for a child.
I believe that love makes us brilliant
My best friend is currently doing on of the most brilliant things I've ever heard about all in the name of love. We should all love so much that we are able to put aside our fears and do something brilliant.
I believe that love makes us creative
Whether it be an inexpensive date night, a creative postcard, or a sexy text, love takes creativity. It's easy to be distracted by the day to day tasks but I think it is essential to a relationship that you creatively love. I enjoy painting with my son. I enjoy listening to the jokes that my husband comes up with just so he can tell me. I enjoy creating items for others and if I actually had any follow through people would be amazed.
Love makes you an advocate
I am a judger. I can't help it. I size up every situation and proceed with caution. I judge people based on their decisions and how it affects my life. However, I am learning to keep most of my opinions to myself because everyone deserves to live the life they need to live without me constantly correcting them. I will fight for you and what you want. I will also have your back.
Love makes you a better person
Our relationships are a mirror. They reflect back to us exactly what we put into them. If you make love your choice then love is reflected back. I am a better person because of those I love.
I believe more and more every day that love makes us brave.
I did a couple of things that I consider amazing there all because I love my son and I promised myself that this year would be about moving beyond my comfort zone.