Monday, December 28, 2009

Frugal Food Challenge

So I'm challenging myself to clean out our pantry and freezer. I'm going to do this for as many weeks as it takes. I'm hoping to make it one month. This week I only had to buy golden mushroom soup, mushrooms, and green onions. That may have cost $5.20. I'm not sure b/c I sent the hubby out to buy it so I'm guessing on what I know to be the normal costs of those items. I was going to make salisbury steak last night but we had leftovers instead. This just means that I will be using the golden mushroom soup next week instead.

Menu Plan Week 1

Saturday, December 26
Work Christmas party

Sunday, December 27
Leftover steak, leftover mashed potatoes, frozen broccoli, 1 can COM soup, and shredded cheese...voila! leftover casserole

Monday, December 28
Rich and creamy macaroni & cheese, Aussie Chicken, and green beans

Tuesday, December 29
I will be dining out with a friend using a Bonefish gift certificate that I won online. The boys will certainly be eating pb&j (this is not punishment, this is truly a great choice for them).

Wednesday, December 30
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Thursday, December 31

Friday, January 1