Tuesday, October 4, 2011

38 while 38

1. Finish writing a 100+ Things I'd Like to Do Before I Go list (Jan '12)
2. Take a jewelry making/beading class
3. Buy new bedroom furniture for me
4. Buy hubby a new car
5. Lose 100 lbs from where I originally started
6. Take a solo trip
7. Volunteer at the Food Bank with Monkeyface
8. Go to a movie alone
9. Go to 3 live performances for free
10. Visit a chiropractor
11. Fix my itunes/ipod
12. Do a photography project
13. Do a Miranda July project
14. Send out 12 surprise packages to the unsuspecting (6-Feb '12)
15. take a girl's trip to the beach
16. Take Monkeyface for a ride in a hot air balloon (for free?)
17. Teach Monkeyface to fly a kite
18. Take Monkeyface to a sporting event
19. Attend 50 yoga classes
20. Visit Ikea again
21. Paint the living room
22. Have a family portrait taken
23. Take Monkeyface to the beach for the day (May '12)
24. Go on 6 dates with the hubby
25. Have a great conversation with a complete stranger
26. Play a different version of Canasta
27. Take a photography class
28. sneak away for the weekend with the hubby
29. get rid of treadmill
30. Plant something in my yard
31. Get a bed for the guest bedroom (Dec '11)
32. Get a bookshelf for Monkeyface's room
33. Get a retro used dining table (Mar '12)
34. Buy and wear a new lip color that is completely out of the ordinary for me
35. Rappel down Wachovia building
36. Experiment with new eyeshadow colors
37. Walk 500 miles above what I normally walk on a daily basis
38. Go ziplining in Costa Rica