Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes it's nice to remind him

Reasons to love my husband:

I love how he gets on the floor and wrestles with our son and then chases him all around the house
I love hearing him read a book to our child every night
I love that he still surprises me by his generosity after all these years
I love that he knows what I need sometimes before I even know
I love that he picks me up a Diet Mt Dew sometimes just b/c he knows I love them
I love him on vacation
I love that he will go on vacation and spend hours building sandcastles with our child
I love that he will also spend hours catching him as he jumps in and out of the pool
I love that he loves me so passionately
I love that our little family means everything to him
I love that he kisses me every time he leaves the house
I love that he lets our little one snuggle between us when he'd rather be sleeping
I love great big family kisses
I love that he can cook anything I can dream up
I love that he is the best griller I have ever met
I love watching my boys mow grass together
I love how he fixes my side of the bed every night before he goes to sleep so all I have to do is slide under the covers.
I love it when he gets a hair cut
I love the way he is still rocking my world
I love that he fixed our neighbor's basketball goal and that he then played basketball with a teenager
I think it's sexy when I catch him reading
I love that he will pitch in and do exactly what I need
I love that he jokes with my best friend and makes her laugh
I love that he randomly calls me to ask me about my day
I love that he can enjoy silence with me
I love that he is a smart ass and can dish it out as well as take it
I love that he can raise one eyebrow
I love that he is happy to let me have a girl's night every week
I love when he catches me looking at him
I love how we can communicate when others are around w/o having to say a word
I love that I get to spend my life getting to know him