Friday, August 15, 2008

Food Friday

Food Friday will not be brought to you today because I'm in Costa Rica. However, I would like to let you know all about our trip so far.
Monkeyface was really excited about the plane and did a beautiful job until we had to wait to get off the plane in Costa Rica. By that time he was done waiting and wanted to go. He let everyone know how he was feeling and cried until I actually stepped off the plane with him. The boy has lungs! Our hotel is lovely and the people are especially friendly. I haven't gone in the pool yet because we just returned from a jungle boat tour where we saw tons of monkeys. Monkeyface loved it and now knows how to talk to the howler monkeys. He did a great job. I'm impressed by how adaptable children are while traveling. He is crying more than usual, don't get me wrong but all it takes is a decent distraction and he's back off to having fun again.
Today while we were out on the boat I was watching the hubby and Monkeyface play at the front of the boat. Something I would never have allowed if I had been sitting up there but I knew that the Hubby would take care of him. I kept thinking about how blessed I am to have married the man I did. So we're back in the room now winding down and trying to keep cool. I have a sunburn b/c I had the boys put on sunscreen but I failed to put it on myself. I think a trip to the pool is in order b/c we are sweating buckets in here.