Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I've jumped on the bandwagon and think that I've finally gotten a handle on how to buy things at CVS. Tonight I went to Rite-Aid and CVS and scored all of these products for only $.64. Without coupons, rebates, and Extra Care Bucks, I should have paid $55.15.

Ultra Gain 32 load laundry detergent
2 liter Diet Mountain Dew
2 20 packet boxes of Electrasol
2 24 count Excedrin PM
100 count Excedrin migraine (not pictured b/c I already gave it away)
2 L'oreal Hydra Vive shampoos
2 L'oreal Hydra Vive conditioners
1 tube Crest toothpaste
1 bottle CVS antacids